Ready Newmont employees salary Pruned

Ready Newmont employees salary Pruned

PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara ( NNT ) to stop all processing and production of copper concentrate today . Because the copper concentrate storage facility at Batu Hijau is now full .

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In a written statement in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 03/06/2014 ) , the company has delayed the policy to assign employees in standby status with reduced compensation , pending the outcome of the decision at a ministerial meeting that took place this week .

Delay the implementation of these policies are meant to get an explanation as to whether the company will soon get an export permit .

The company also continues to communicate with employees to deliver current conditions and most of the employees are ready to receive the status of standby with a reduction in salary if it was necessary .

In early May, the NNT is planning to cut their copper and gold production at Batu Hijau Mine . This is because the rules related discussions mineral export ban by the government still has not found an agreement .

Hadianto Martiono NNT president director explained , with a reduction in the production of the adjustment will be made on a service contract copper and gold as well as capital expenditures . In addition , the working hours of employees also will be balanced and overtime will be reduced .

Newmont also will minimize the cost of that activity was normal, and in a timely manner while laying off some employees , and their salaries cut in early June . However, The mine will maintain the safety and security aspects of water resources and the environment .

" It’s very unfortunate , and a difficult situation for all of us , because it will affect 8,000 employees and contractors , and also have an impact on thousands of people in the West Sumbawa derive their income from our operations , " said Martiono .


Puji Prabowo Mahfud as Figure Kiai Special Combination and Scholars

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Great Indonesia Movement Party presidential candidate at a time , Prabowo , praised the former Chairman of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD . He called Mahfud as a unique figure in that it combines both intellectual and religious figures .

" He is not only an intellectual , scholar , but also kiai . Combination of the two is hard to find, " he said while receiving support emeritus professor and scholar at Balai Kartini , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) .

According to Prabowo , usually they are regarded as less competent intellectuals and scholars in the field of religion . Instead , they are often called Kiai , said Prabowo , usually no master of science and technology . “The difference with him ( Mahfud ) . We have ( figure ) is outstanding , ” he said .

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Prabowo is also mentioned as a figure Mahfud deserves to be president . Nevertheless, he said that the current electoral system which requires the submission of presidential candidates came from political parties and it is hampering Mahfud . The former Special Forces commander was also mengapreasiasi Mahfud decision became a national campaign team leader Prabowo - Hatta . In fact , he said , Mahfud experience as chairman of the Constitutional Court , the minister , and a member of the House of Representatives .

"If Prabowo be president , we can see his advisors . As we make the football team , we are looking for great players , " he said .


Will this sleek Businesses in Serpong

Serpong , South Tangerang , Banten , started receiving large corporations non- service . They expand with new offices here , as the soaring price of renting office space in the business district of Jakarta .

Associate Director of Research at Colliers International Indonesia , Ferry Salanto , predicts the high rental rates for office space in the central business district ( CBD ) Jakarta , opportunities south-west region , particularly Serpong be the next target after TB Simatupang corridor .

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" Office is one of the sectors that will grow , then apartments and shopping centers . Reason for this firms operating in the industry and open the Tangerang district , based in shophouses . Thus , high-rise office opportunity is wide open , " Ferry said to .

Currently , the average rental price of office space in the Jakarta CBD has exceeded 30 dollars to 45 dollars per square meter , while office rental rates are set in Euro , reaching an average of Rp 350,000 per square meter . Similarly, office space in the corridor TB Simatupang positioned at 20 U.S. dollars to 25 U.S. dollars per square meter .

The high price has forced the tenants or companies to re-think when business expansion ( business ) by opening a new office in downtown Jakarta . With high prices , is not feasible anymore and make expenditures of the company are not effective .

Some developers have taken advantage of this momentum to build an office building or land allocated as a special commercial zoning . Call it the gush PT Merdeka Ronov The Associate office buildings in an integrated project Intermark .

Likewise with PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk which allocate land specifically for office concept built to suit after the success of the Green Office Park . In addition , they also managed to hold some giant company based in BSD City , kind of Unilever , and Trakindo .

In addition to offices , other businesses that have a bright future is apartments . Land prices continue to climb , and the high demand for housing is also an opportunity to create a new profit center .

Moreover, the supply of apartments is still limited , while people who want to live in Serpong , but funds are limited so much . Apartment project that is currently underway is The Brooklyn , Silkwood Residence , Kubika Homy , and Intermark . The sale price is pegged between Rp 10 million to Rp 16 million per square meter .

Following the next business driven population growth in this area is a shopping center that accommodates the needs of day-to- day ( daily needs) , hobbies , and lifestyle . Not surprisingly, the Japanese developers had come to anticipate growth by building AEON Mall Serpong .

" The population that has been long established in large numbers would derive shopping needs . Occupants housing is a niche market for the property type of shopping center or other retail space , " said Ferry .

The number of shopping centers in Serpong currently dominate the entire composition in Tangerang . There is The Breeze , City Terrace , BSD Plaza , WTC Matahari , CBD Serpong , Alam Sutera Mall , Living World , and Summarecon Mall Serpong .


A video leaked fuel Protected

Protected BBM , one of the features eBBM services for the corporate segment , the BlackBerry has been developed since the beginning of this year . Messaging service which claimed the super safe to be launched in June 2014 . However leaked video of these services has been circulating on the internet .

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In the BlackBerry Experience event held in Washington , BlackBerry show what kind Protected BBM service . Site managed CrackBerry video documenting when fuel Protected demonstrated at the event .

The video can be viewed on the official YouTube channel CrackBerry , or by clicking the following link .

Protected claimed BBM messaging service BlackBerry as the most secure , because they use encryption methods end-to -end , in which each message sent and received will be encrypted first with the random method .

With a data message is encrypted end-to -end , if at any time a message intercepted , the hacker will have difficulty in accessing both encrypted and uses different codes .

Method of encryption end-to -end is now increasingly being used to increase security of data sent over the internet . In addition to instant messaging services , email is also the one that use it .

BlackBerry BBM Protected explained by using cryptographic encryption and symetric in accordance with the FIPS 140-2 standard . The technology is claimed to BlackBerry as the highest level of encryption currently owned fuel

Protected fuel can run the BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BlackBerry OS as usual , without the need of OS updates .


There were no Coalition Unconditionally, Candidates Must Name The Candidates lay minister

Pair -vice presidential candidate Jusuf Kalla and Jokowi - Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa must announce the list of candidates to the public minister in his cabinet . This is so the public knows , anyone figure sitting in the cabinet .

" With anyone who is posted on the cabinet list , then the public will know how the concept of future leaders , and face future government that will lead , " said political analyst and lecturer of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Jember , Surya Maulana Kusuma , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) in Surabaya .

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Maulana sure , the coalition built a second pair -vice presidential candidate was not unconditional . ” Coalition unconditionally and without giving out seat is unlikely to happen . Oriented political party power . If there is no agreement for sharing the seat , that would be choosing a cat in a sack , ” he added .

In addition to presidential- vice presidential candidate , political parties should also be handed to the public in a transparent manner , what the names of people who offered to presidential candidate to be a minister .

Without transparency , Maulana said , people will not get a good political education . ” There should be negotiations , any party thrusting their vision , and the vision of people who can run it in the cabinet . If implemented , this system is good for the development of the political education of the Indonesian nation , ” he said .


Request a Factory Closures CT Sampoerna Not Exaggerated

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs , Chairul Tanjung ( CT ) , said that the industry had no market , no need to be forced to live . He said , some kind of specific industries have not be done in Indonesia . However , some industries are indeed still have a better chance .

" And , the opportunity would be our thrust . If it’s not possible , do not be enforced , because then also no use , " he said in his office Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

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Regarding the two plants lid Kretek Cigarettes Hand PT HM Sampoerna , he argued thus , there is no more market SKT . ( read : Close Two Factories , PT HM Sampoerna layoff 4,900 employees ) . ” Sampoerna , which closed the cigarette problem no mistake , it is not that a mild , but the clove hand market is gone. So, baseball needs was greatly exaggerated , “said CT .

He said it would not hurt as well if employers choose to switch to engine power , which indeed produce products more efficiently . However , CT sure , will encourage the growth of industrial sectors , including cigarette in it .

He said , in the coming weeks , he will go to the employers’ association as incorporated in the Chamber of Commerce ( Kadin ) Indonesia , and the Indonesian Employers Association ( Apindo ) .

" To know what they ‘ve got problems . Which can be solved so resolved , but it must be realistic , because I have 5 months . So strange , far - away long-term forget it deh , " he said .


"Bakrie It ‘pact’ Megawati Meet Again After Rapimnas Golkar"

DPP Chairman of Golkar Party Rizal Mallarangeng said his party has so far been inclined to the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle . According to him , the Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie already have an appointment to meet again with the Chairman of PDI Megawati Sukarnoputri , after Golkar national leadership meeting that was held on Sunday ( 18/05/2014 ) .

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" PDI - P party ," said Rizal , Saturday ( 17/05/2014 ) . After a meeting on Thursday ( 15/05/2014 ) , he added , Bakrie and Megawati had promised to meet again once the Golkar Party and the coalition make decisions about candidates who will be supported through rapimnas . " There is already a shared commitment to wait for the results rapimnas Golkar . "

According to Rizal , the meeting on Thursday , Bakrie delivered to Megawati for equally aware that the coalition of Golkar and PDI - P will be able to ensure a strong government with sufficient parliamentary support . ” To create a majority government . “

Rizal said , communication with the PDI - P was continued with very high intensity . ” Your Say Golkar and PDI - P will meet again after rapimnas . Already a pact to talk about ( Golkar decision ) , ” he said .

In the present level , Rizal added , each party cadres should be tossed discourse and proposals . ” However , after rapimnas , no more . One voice , one mandate , ” press him .

The third axle

Problem Golkar Party joined hands with the third shaft carrying Democrat coalition , Rizal argued that the discourse is not likely to materialize . ” It’s impossible and it’s not necessary , ” he said .

According to Rizal , the most good at the moment is to create a strong government and parliament . ” It can only be realized when the PDI - P and Golkar joined . ” According to him , there is no bargaining between Golkar and PDI - P to join our efforts .

" We did not bargain-bargain first . ( We ) support ( the ) legislature , do not use fresh . Concepts Indonesia in the future , ( it ) is important . Nobody bargain , " said Rizal . According to him , for his party , office chairs no longer important today .

" Not worth it now because it seems to speak ( seat of government ) the prerogative of the president , Mr. Jokowi in this case , " said Rizal while the presidential candidate ‘s name will be carried PDI - P , Joko Widodo .

Rizal was dismissed outright accusations demanding Bakrie chair candidates RI - 2 as a condition of joining the PDI - P . “Well , it’s not the time to talk right now . ( After ) the meeting Chairman of Golkar and PDI - P , then we talk Indonesia in the future . “


Save prestige, Start Doing business from garage!

On the condition has not been used or even no longer in use , you can use this space for other needs . In fact , the garage could be additional income your family . Needless to prestige , consider doing business ideas utilizing this room :

1 . Online shop

Online Shop or online store is the kind of business that requires little capital . You do not need to rent a shop or pay the electric bill , because you need enough to organize a computer or laptop in the garage and maximize the lighting in it .

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2 . Freight

Delivery service is one of a growing business as more berjamurnya online shop . Not surprisingly , the two go hand in hand because the automatic merchandise must be sent through the service business .

3 . Snacks Business

For those of you who have the expertise to make a cake , or just snacks such as chips and cookies , there’s no better place to sell other than in your own home garage . Guaranteed access to a neighbor ‘s cake taste delights you ‘ll more easily .

4 . Laundry

Without mention , you actually have a lot of laundry business which is now seen scattered in residential complexes . Only with automatic washing machine and implement satisfactory service , customers who come surely flock .

5 . Salon motors

In addition it is a place to park the motor , but what’s the harm if the other person to feel the motor preferential treatment in your home garage ? Motorcycles with the smaller size of the car lets you freely provide care in the garage .

In addition to the above five business idea , of course there are many other activities you can do in the garage for the sake of making money , start a book rental place , a small cafe , distribution , up to a beauty salon . Well, why not from now on course to maximize your home garage ( Kasihan. .. Many Final Fate garage as storage ) ?


Hampered recapitulation Problems at polling stations and the District

Professor of Political Science, University of Airlangga , Ramlan Surbakti said , the slow process of recapitulation at the national level due to the many problems in the unfinished lower level . Especially problems in polling stations ( TPS ) , at the level of the polling committee ( PPS ) in the village and sub-district election committee ( PPK ) .

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" The problem at the bottom , at the polling station to KDP . Regency , province , until the center of the living recapitalize , " Ramlan said when contacted by Reuters on Friday ( 2/5 ) .

KPU center , further Ramlan , should give a clear message to the ranks below . aitu , to immediately fix the errors and shortcomings of the evidence presented witnesses from political parties .

Similarly Bawaslu . According to Ramlan , Bawaslu had to work hard from the bottom to confirm objections make the vote count continues to be delayed .

" Commission emotion of hard work before the May 9th . If passed , it would be a shame as the institution is given the responsibility of organizing the elections , " he said .

Based on the experience of being a member of the Commission in the 2004 election , Ramlan said, get a consensus of political parties is not easy . What’s more concerning voting results and chairs .

However , what makes the issue at the 2014 election recapitulation heavier , Ramlan said , because of irregularities in the election management ranks below . In addition to constraints on KPPS ( Group Election Committee ) and KDP , regency / city is also experiencing problems .

" Some of the district / city KPU was new . Others were already want to end his tenure , it also affects the implementation under , " he said .

Therefore , the Commission recommends Ramlan evaluation of election management . By re - organizations , re - generation , and training more intensive the electoral administration in the ranks below . So that the shortcomings and problems in the general election presidential election could be reduced .

In accordance Commission regulation No. 21 of 2013, the schedule recapitulation of votes nationally only four days to the date of May 6, 2014 . Till Thursday ( 1/5 ) evening , the Commission has not endorsed the voice of the 24 provinces .

Commission through the open plenary session on Saturday ( 26/4 ) recently passed the national voice of the nine provinces . Ie from Bangka Belitung Province , West Kalimantan , Gorontalo , Jambi , West Sumatra . Then of Bali Province , Central Kalimantan , West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ) , and Central Sulawesi .


Chamber of Commerce: Business Actors Minimal Socialization “Green Economy”

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Kadin ) Indonesia , Suryo Bambang Sulisto said , Kadin collaboratively with the government need to consistently remind that economic development has boundaries , the so-called ecological limits .

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Suryo said that Sustainable Development should be emphasized again mainly in infrastructure development . The problem, Suryo , economic development often lead to natural disasters , and even cause the food crisis and the energy crisis .

" For the business world , the concept of Sustainable Development of green economy or has not received adequate socialization , " Suryo said in his speech at the " Indonesia Infrastructure Summit Green / IGIS 2014 " , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .

Suryo said , Indonesia is actually capable of sustainable development . Indonesia , said he has a lot of diversity of energy sources , ranging from rivers for power generation , geothermal , biomass , wind and sunshine throughout the year as an alternative energy source .

Bert Hoffman , World Bank Chief Economist for East Asia and the Pacific region , which is also present in the occasion, adding , green economy includes three important things namely economic growth , social welfare , and environmental sustainability .

He said economic growth does not pay attention to the environment it will have an impact on , for example , pollution of water , air , ecological damage as a source of energy continues to decrease drastically . Government policies such as energy subsidies will be reduced if not cost the government and disrupt the development budget .

He said, the green economy is not just the responsibility of business operators . ” The government can encourage the green economy by first providing incentives to businesses green economy . And secondly , there should be an appropriate financing scheme , ” said Bret .