Mobile Photography : Not Just Origin Snap !

Mobile devices no longer be limited to halo - halo , SMS and internet . This communication tool is now also very reliable for the business of photography .

However, many of the users are still ’ origin snap ’ when using the camera on his cell phone . Though somewhat flashy camera in the handset .

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Due to ignorance of the various features and settings on a camera phone, so the user generates the crude creations when apprehended picture .

Well , so that users can further optimize the ’ weapon ’ , detikINET again held a coffee ( ngobrolin Issues Regarding Information Technology ) on April 29 this .

The theme is ” Mobile Photography ’ . Many things can certainly infused the participants , especially for those instant photography enthusiast using a mobile phone .

Start of tips - tricks to create an image of the good by making use of camera phones , the info about the gear - gear ( accessories ) is unique , the development of mobile camera technology to chat about selfie trend that is now booming .

There are three speakers who will be sharing knowledge here :
1 . Enche Tjin : Professional Photographers
2 . Lucky Sebastian : Gadget Enthusiast
3 . Agus Sugiharto : Director MIDH Business Head Lenovo Indonesia .

Time and Place : Tuesday, April 29, 2014 , 18:30 o’clock in Demat Cafe , Sarinah , Central Jakarta .


Bird Flu Outbreak Spreads Again in the North

North Korea has informed the World Organisation for Animal Health ( OIE ) that the bird flu is spreading in the country after the outbreak of the disease broke out again . Similarly, a radio report said on Thursday the United States .

” North Korea told the OIE that H5N1 avian influenza occurred in a chicken farm in the capital Pyongyang on March 27 , although it did not specify how many chickens died from the disease , ” according to Voice of America ( VOA ) based in Washington .

North move comes a week after North Korea informed the OIE that more than 46,000 chickens die from this disease , after a bird flu occurred in one other chicken farms in Pyongyang, March 21 - The first outbreak in nearly a year .

” North Korea has increased its quarantine efforts to address this highly contagious disease , ” said VOA .

” The World Health Organization ( WHO ) has not received a request for assistance from the North Korean government , ” said Radio Free Asia based in Washington .

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North Korea suffered extensive damage due to bird flu last year . Bird flu is a disease of the latest hit communist state in recent months .


Called the Commission, Managing Director of IPC II Ready Responsible

Director of IPC II Richard Joost Lino summons Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) , Tuesday ( 15/4 ) . Lino callings related to the investigation pengaadaan Quay Container Crane ( QCC ) fiscal year 2010 in the three ports .

Around eleven o’clock , Lino was at the KPK building . He claimed questioning related to the procurement of cranes at the Port of Palembang , length , and Pontianak . According to him , this investigation because of the people who enter the report to the Commission . ” So here it is clear that all should be questioned . Jelasin course I am , ” he said , before leaving the KPK building .

Lino said , answering a question about eleven . According to him , there is no problem in procuring cranes worth around Rp 100 billion . He said the procurement is in accordance with the provisions . ” Yes , yes ( as appropriate) , ” he said .

According to Lino , IPC QCC II ‘ve done since 2007 . Yet , he said , the goods never existed because the auction process that always fails . He did not know the reason for the failure of the auction process . Having failed , he said , there is no money going out . ” So because it was too long , our procedure in 2010 with an unusual way , ” he said .

This unusual way , according to Lino , the mechanism of the direct appointment of the company . According to him , such a mechanism exists in the rules after the auction process failed. Since 2007, according to him , at least 6-7 times a failed auction . ” The rules we have . So , if the auction fails it could no direct elections . Direct election if still fails too , direct appointment , ” he said .

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Lino was the right decision . He said the crane was cheaper. According to him, with the crane that ultimately support the work at the port . Because of this , he believes there are no irregularities in the procurement of cranes in 2010 . “Yes and I accept the consequences that if you want to blame . According to me I am not mistaken to benefit the country , benefit everyone , and the price is cheap , ” he said .


Leica T Type 701, Full Aluminum Camera?

Pretty soon , the public will see the latest Leica digital camera , the Leica T Type 701 . Emerging news of the Leica T Type 701 in the online media included a few photos , which depict the full aluminum design . Really?

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Quoted from Softpedia , this news came from LeicaRumors site that publishes some pictures ( courtesy of Czech site ) who allegedly is a digital camera that will be released by the Leica Leica T Type 701 . Not only load images , LeicaRumors also specifies that a digital camera this battery has a unibody , with a full aluminum body design .

Reportedly , Leica is based in Germany , using a new manufacturing process to produce special and unique Leica T Type 701 .

Leica T Type 701 is scheduled to hold a conference with the media ( media gathering ) on April 24 , 2014 and many are speculating that at the date of that Leica will introduce a Leica T Type 701 .

Coinciding with the release of the Leica T Type 701 , reportedly will release a Leica M - mount adapter , at the same event . Leica T Type 701 designed by Audi , while the camera parts will be manufactured by Panasonic . The Leica T Type 701 will sell for around USD $ 3000 / € 2173 .


spesies burung pelikan

Ada lebih dari setengah lusin spesies burung pelikan, tapi semua dari mereka memiliki kantong tenggorokan terkenal dimana burung paling dikenal. Burung-burung besar menggunakan kantong elastis mereka untuk menangkap ikan-meskipun spesies yang berbeda menggunakannya dalam cara yang berbeda.

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Banyak pelikan ikan dengan berenang dalam kelompok kooperatif. Mereka mungkin membentuk garis atau “U” bentuk dan ikan drive ke perairan dangkal dengan mengalahkan sayap mereka di permukaan. Ketika ikan berkumpul di air dangkal, pelikan hanya sendok mereka. The pelican cokelat, di sisi lain, menyelam pada ikan (biasanya jenis ikan yang disebut menhaden) dari atas dan perangkap mereka dalam RUU tersebut. Pelikan tidak menyimpan ikan dalam kantong mereka, tetapi hanya menggunakannya untuk menangkap mereka dan kemudian ujung itu kembali mengalir keluar air dan menelan ikan segera. The pelican putih Amerika bisa memegang beberapa 3 galon (11 1/2 liter) air dalam RUU tersebut. Pelikan muda pakan dengan tetap berpegang tagihan mereka ke tenggorokan orang tua mereka untuk mengambil makanan.

Pelikan ditemukan pada banyak garis pantai di dunia dan juga di sepanjang danau dan sungai. Mereka adalah burung sosial dan biasanya perjalanan dalam kelompok, sering digantung di baris. Mereka juga berkembang biak dalam kelompok yang disebut koloni, yang biasanya berkumpul di pulau-pulau.

Di Amerika Utara, pelican cokelat terancam, namun populasi pulih sampai batas tertentu. Burung-burung laut hancur oleh pestisida kimia, seperti DDT, yang merusak telur pelikan dan banyak spesies lainnya.


The earthquake shook Nicaragua back

Managua (AFP ) - An earthquake with a strength of 6.6 on the Richter scale shook the region 12 kilometers south Nandaime , Nicaragua , Friday ( 11/4 ) , according to the U.S. Geological Survey ( USGS ) .

Nandaime in Granada Province in Pacific Beach is located 61 kilometers from the capital city of Nicaragua , Managua .

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The epicenter , with a depth of 114.7 kilometers , was initially set at 11,647 degrees North latitude and 86.063 degrees West Longitude .

A Xinhua reporter in Managua said the quake was recorded very strong . The shock was also felt in Costa Rica .

Thousands of residents who live in fear and settlements along the Pacific Coast in the country running to road .

There are no reports of casualties or property damage resulting from the earthquake , Xinhua said .

Another quake with a strength of 6.2 on the Richter Scale rocked Nicaragua on Thursday but the epicenter was at 18 kilometers to the southeast of town Larreynaga in the northwestern part of the country and near the Pacific Coast . The quake occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers .

On Thursday , the quake damaged hundreds of homes , making a total of 33 people suffered minor injuries , and indirectly resulted in the death of one person - who died of a heart attack .

On Friday morning , the Nicaraguan Government announced it would extend the red alert to all its Pacific Coast as a result of several very strong aftershocks .


Leaked, CIA reports about brutality Handle Terrorism Suspects

Leaked , CIA reports about brutality Handle TSebuah report of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee contains a pattern of brutal methods the CIA in interrogating terrorist suspects after the attacks of 11 September 2001 leak . Team of the committee will ask the Ministry of Justice can investigate how the document was leaked .

Media Coverage of The McClathcy , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) night , loading the document contains 20 findings of the committee report . ( Read : the document contains 20 findings ) . According to the reports, the Senate committee report concluded that the CIA’s interrogation techniques failed to produce valuable intelligence data .

The CIA , according to the report , too, had misled the administration of President George Bush , Congress , and the public , about the brutal treatment of the CIA against the suspects . The intelligence agencies also use a technique called unlawful to detain suspects and arrests made ​​mistakes , that all errors were never evaluated .

Neither the CIA interrogation and detention techniques that would otherwise worsen brutal , except this institution committed to creating a new policy . Such findings are consistent with the details of the senator since 2009 to investigate the patterns over the handling of suspected terrorists the CIA .

Senate Inquiry also refers to a variety of news reports , human rights organizations , and a wide range of research , both governmental and non - governmental . President Barack Obama equating the brutal interrogation as torture , but the CIA defended the actions of its agents and said the Senate report is not accurate .

Senate Intelligence Committee last week announced it had made ​​a review and conclusions from a review of 6,600 pages of documents related to the CIA ‘s performance . They are still waiting for the Obama administration to censor sensitive material of the report on national security prior to publication .

Panel chairman said the investigation into the leak of the report findings is still ongoing . However , two-page findings of the McClatchy publications will include the names of government officials and prisoners face torture , secret CIA prison location , or anything else that threatens the country’s national security . The document did not indicate how well the reason the committee came to the conclusion that.

" If someone is spreading every part of this secret report , they broke the law and should be prosecuted , " said Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein . " The committee is investigating the unauthorized disclosure , and I refer to ( the probe ) to the Ministry Kehakinan . "

CIA spokesman Dean Boyd declined to comment on the publication of the findings . ” Given the report remains classified , we can not comment , ” he tepis . Boyd said the CIA committed a quick review mmbuat classification for public consumption over the Senate committee report .

However , in an opinion piece in The Washington Post , Feinstein and Sen. Jay Rockefeller , two Democratic members of the committee , said the disclosure of 500 pages of this report to the public is the best way to ensure that the program of secret detention and coercive interrogation never happen again . ” It will also serve to uphold the practice of Americans admit mistakes and learn from mistakes , ” they said .

The senators are trying to answer two main criticisms statements filed among others by former CIA officials . Critics claimed that the report conclusions already set beforehand and taken without any direct interviews with CIA officials .

Called the report a ” fact- based” , Feinstein and Rockefeller said almost every sentence in the report attributed to the CIA telecommunication networks , e - mails , internal records , testimony , and other documents .

They acknowledge the Ministry of Justice over the program review spy service that means the supreme leader , lawyer , counterterrorism agents , analysts , and the CIA interigator not have to speak to the Senate committee .

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However , they both said that the investigators in the Senate using the transcripts of more than 100 interviews by the internal auditor of the CIA and other agencies were held for interrogation and brutal pattern after pattern was no longer dipakai.ersangka Terrorism Case


The menu choice Trust Securities shares

Opportunities for strengthening the Composite Index ( JCI ) today after the legislative elections ( pileg ) could be a momentum that is conducive to the accumulation of purchase .

Accumulated purchase should also be done early so that the sweetness of JCI today can be felt more optimal . The following menu choices shares the Trust Securities Research Head Reza Priyambada , Thursday ( 09/04/2014 ) :

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BBRI ) is expected to move in the range of 10,350 - Rp 10,000 . Shooting star pattern formed to hold above the middle Bollinger band ( MBB ) . Recommendation maintain purchasing or maintained for the above Rp10.150 buy .

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk ( TLKM ) is expected to move in a range Rp2.290 - 2375 . The pattern formed by the hammer towards UBB . RSI last ride . Recommendations continue to purchase or buy long maintained above Rp2.320 .

PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk ( BBNI ) is expected to move in a range Rp5.050 - 5275 . Dragonfly doji pattern formed on a MBB survive . Recommendations continue to purchase or buy long maintained above Rp5.150 .

Pakuwon Jati Tbk PT ( PWON ) is expected to move in the range of Rp375 - 402 . Formed shooting star pattern approach UBB . Recommendations continue to purchase or buy long maintained above Rp385 .

Charoend Pokphand Tbk PT ( CPIN ) is expected to move in a range Rp4.150 - 4300 . Spinning top pattern formed on the MBB . RSI is still rising . Trading buy recommendation for the above Rp4.240 .

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk ( UNVR ) is expected to move in the range of 29,975 - Rp 29,500 . Inverted hammer pattern formed above MBB survive . Recommendations to buy while weakening or buy on weakness ( BoW ) if at the level of Rp29.575 .

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PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk ( AALI ) is expected to move in a range Rp25.725 - 26 450 . White pattern formed over the last marubozu MBB . Maintained buy recommendation for the above Rp26.225 .


Leaked Screenshot Game Assassin’s Creed Latest

Ubisoft will launch the latest sequel to Assassin ‘s Creed with the name of Unity . Screenshots of the game have been circulating in cyberspace .

Reported by VG247 , Sunday ( 06/04/2014 ) , Ubisoft seems to be releasing a new trailer of the popular flagship game . The leaked image shows the protagonist who is running in a road game against the background of a place in Paris .

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Prior to officially launch trailer Ubisoft Assassin ‘s Creed Unity , YouTube account ’ watchdogs xwk ’ upload video game trailer on YouTube this latest sequel . Therefore considered a violation , the video reportedly been withdrawn .

Ubisoft has not given any information about the leaked trailer video . As reported by gaming site Kotaku, the game reportedly made ​​for the latest generation of gaming consoles and Xbox One Plyastation 4 .

The latest series of Assassin ‘s Creed is said to be present for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with another name , the Assassin ‘s Creed Comet . There was no word on whether this game will also be released on PC and Nintendo Wii U.


HTC M8 Design Problem: We Do not Want Play Safe

On the other competitors when using plastic materials modified in such a way , the HTC still retain the impression left on his smartphone with a metal material .

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Last year , HTC designs get a lot of praise because it is different from the others . Is not an easy task to maintain these achievements in HTC M8 .

According to HTC Associate VP of Design Johan Becker is not easy to improve something with good performance before. Moreover, fans also have high ekespektasi HTC successor .

" It’s very important for us ( HTC ) , we do not just sit down and play it safe . We want to really try to balance the idea of ​​making a strong identity untu ’ one family ’ ( HTC ) , " Becker said to Venture Beat , cited detikINET , Saturday ( 03/29/2014 ) .

" When he wants to provide the highest quality products , we need to push forward , we peru take risks , " he added .

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Risks taken Becker and his team did not play games , because they are ready when you get failure . Learn from previous failures to obtain the best results , such as HTC ‘s M8 .

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